We do our BEST at SES!

                                    Be Respectful.


                                    Stay safe.

                                    Take responsibility.   

100% of the faculty/staff at Surgoinsville Elementary School are Highly Qualified as defined by NCLB.




May 1, 2017 Teacher Appreciation Day Teacher Appreciation Day is Thursday, May 4. Please show your child’s teacher...

            Childress - Dr. Seuss Books https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_3vbLWKwW0eflZRM3dRT1BvOGNKXzR5eUJXdDROa3NjdnpPNnc2MWVWUUlmVVdBaHBPQkE?usp=sharing...


Surgoinsville Elementary School Family Engagement Plan   Each Title I school is required to establish a Family and...

Test Prep with Virtual Tools: 10 Flashcard Apps for Mobile Devices
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2016-2017 SUPPLY LISTS     The following items are needed for students entering kindergarten at Surgoinsville...
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^Click on the picture above to see the Reading Fluency video.
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Math Facts
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What is SWPBS?           During 2008-2009, Surgoinsville Elementary School began...
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**Indicators and Skills Practice **Academic Vocabulary Games **Grade Level Skills Games & Practice **Interactive Math...
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              PRINCIPAL APPRECIATION DAY Thursday, February 9
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