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Tuesday, October 01, 2013
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What is SWPBS?

          During 2008-2009, Surgoinsville Elementary School began implementation of School-Wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS). SWPBS is nationally recognized, researched-based, and designed to enhance the capacity of schools to educate all children by developing school-wide, non-classroom, classroom, and individual student discipline systems. SWPBS requires schools to define, teach, and reinforce school rules to create a positive school environment.

Surgoinsville Elementary School has had 7 teachers trained by The Partnership for Ed Excellence at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in the many facets of SWPBS. Hawkins County is proud to be one of only 7 districts in Tennessee to implement SWPBS district-wide. Our school committee is made up of Alison Williams, Tonya Crum, Jennifer Cassell, Carrie Smith, LeAnne DeLeon, Brad Fields, Ben Armstrong, Penny Lawson, Megan Sturgil, Susan Trent, Dawn Manis and Tammy Robbins.

SWPBS focuses on prevention and teaching expectations in order to provide a predictable, safe, positive and consistent environment. Surgoinsville Elementary School'srules are to be their BEST: Be Respectful, Excel, Stay Safe, and Take Responsibility. Surgoinsville Elementary School has dedicated significant attention to systematically teaching its students the expected behaviors.

With SWPBS, students are able to earn"BESTBucks" for various positive behaviors. BEST Buckswill be given to students when they are seen following one of the school rules, thus allowing teachers and staff to focus attention on appropriate behavior by students. Students who have earned BEST Bucks will have the privilege to attend the reward parties planned throughout the year and can “cash in” their BEST Bucks for various prizes.

More information about School-Wide Positive Behavior Support can be found in the Departments section of Hawkins County Schools web site.


Behavioral Expectations




1.      Go to the gym and place the backpack in a straight row in front of the assigned grade level section.

2.      Place unworn jackets in the straps of the backpack. All items should be inside the backpack unless items are too large.

3.      Walk in a straight line to the cafeteria (breakfast before 7:45 AM) or remain in the gym if not eating breakfast.

4.      Use the restroom if needed before being seated in the gym.

Arrival (Gym):

1.      Sit on the next available left seat on the bleacher in the assigned grade level section (starting on the second row from the top).

2.      Face the front, hands in lap, feet off next bleacher, and talking only to your neighbor.

3.      Students must remain on the bleachers once seated.

4.      The bottom bleacher is reserved for students with misbehavior, wearing flip flops, or late arrivals.

5.      Students will be quiet the last five minutes to listen to dismissal instructions.

Arrival (Cafeteria):

1.      The expectations are the same as lunch. Exception: Take the tray as soon as breakfast has been eaten and go to the gym.

2.      Sit on one side of the table (beginning at the side next to the windows) and fill in as seats become available.



1.      Walk in a single file line one behind another.

2.      Walk on the right side of the hallway.

3.      Keep hands and feet to self.

4.      Walk quietly to the next destination.

5.      Wait your turn at the water fountain and restroom.



1.      Respect the privacy of others.

2.      Go into the first available stall with one person per stall.

3.      Refrain from climbing on doors, stalls, sinks, or other objects.

4.      Refrain from horseplay.

5.      Limit the number of students to five in the restroom at any time.

6.      Flush the toilet after each use.

7.      Use one squirt of soap to wash hands.

8.      Keep paper off the floor.

9.      Use the restroom for its intended purpose only.

10.  Tell the teacher or custodian if the restroom needs cleaning.



1.  The teacher will walk the students to the serving line to get a tray and fork/spoon.

2.      Get one serving of food at a time.

3.      Students must get all items wanted from the serving line before paying.

4.      Do not touch food that is not on your tray.

5.      Students must get all condiments (one napkin, ketchup, salt, etc.) before sitting.

6.      Stay seated in the assigned area with hands and feet to oneself keeping the legs still.

7.      Keep voices at appropriate inside voice levels speaking only to your neighbors.

8.      Raise your hand if assistance is needed or a request is made to get more food or ice cream.

9.      Dispose of all trash on table and floor when the tray is taken.

10.  Refrain from talking when lights are off.

11.  Use manners at all times.

12.  Teachers: Please be prompt when bringing and taking your students to and from the cafeteria. (Please follow the official school time given each morning during announcements and above the cafeteria door.)

13.  Teachers: An assistant will provide a notification if a student was given a lunch detention. Please follow your class discipline policy and then attach the slip to the child’s planner.

14.  Teachers: Please do not give snack money during lunch hours.

15.  Teachers: Please send account money to the cafeteria as soon as it is taken in the mornings.



1.      Stay in the designated area with teacher in sight inside the fence.

2.      Wait your turn for all playground equipment.

3.      Play with others peacefully and safely without throwing rocks, tackling, pushing, or pulling.

4.      Use all equipment correctly. Refrain from swinging sideways, twisting while swinging, sliding or swinging on the stomach, climbing on top of the monkey bars or house, climbing the fence or trees, or crawling up the slide.

5.      Students must walk to the playground until they get inside the fence.



1.      Stay seated (only standing when it is time to exit).

2.      Keep hands and feet to oneself.

3.      Speak to your neighbor(s) only in a low level.

4.      Use appropriate language at all times.

5.      Place the backpack in the floor (close to the seat) keeping all objects inside.

6.      Ride your assigned bus only exiting at the current location at all times. (A note must be provided by the school to give the driver if the assigned bus changes.)

7.      Follow all instructions given by the driver the first time.

8.      Follow all bus transportation guidelines provided by the district.


Dismissal - Car Riders

1.      Walk in a single file to the gym upon dismissal.

2.      Students sit in grade level section on the first two rows of the bleachers.

3.      Sit facing the front, hands in lap, feet off next bleacher, talking only to your neighbor.

4.      Backpacks remain closed at all times with no food or drink in the gym or on the bleachers.

5.      Listen for number, line up at the door, and leave gym only when teacher dismisses.

6.      Once outside, students should walk down the middle of the lane between the cars (not on the sides).


Dismissal – Buses

1.      First load students walk to their assigned bus when called.

2.      A student must have a note before riding a different bus to give to the driver.

3.      Second load students will remain in the classroom and then walk to the designated area when called.

4.      Stand in a single file line with hands and feet to oneself without passing others while waiting to board the second load bus.




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