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Hawkins County Schools does not require quarantine. Per TCA 14-4-101(b) - COVID-19.  A local health entity or official, mayor, governmental entity, or school does not have the authority to quarantine a person or private business for purposes of COVID-19.


Attendance procedures are back to normal. Medical excused absences (this includes COVID Isolation/Quarantine) require a physician note. Dates and times must be specified on the Dr. note in order to be excused as medical.  Home test kits are not accepted as documentation. Students must be fever free for 24 hours, without the use of fever reducing medications, before returning to school.

Hawkins County Schools continue to social distance to the extent possible. PPE (masks, gloves, face shields) are available through the school as needed. Wearing a mask is a personal decision. The parent/guardian will be responsible for making decisions regarding treatment. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your school nurse. Thank you.

"For important changes regarding school meals for Hawkins County Schools for school year 2022-23, please click here."

At SES, we have started a house system inspired by the Ron Clark Academy to encourage collaboration among students. Students are sorted into their house by spinning the house wheel. Each house represents important character traits we are wanting to instill in our students. Throughout the year, they will have house meetings and work together to gain points for their house. The four houses and their descriptions are below. To find out more about the Ron Clark House System, visit the Ron Clark website at: ‚Äč 

House of Dreamers


House of Friendship

Welcome to Surgoinsville Elementary

Hawkins County Schools' graduates are prepared for college and career to enable them to become productive citizens and successful members of the workforce.  Hawkins County Schools recognizes that when families are engaged in their children's education, the students achieve higher grades, have better attendance and behavior, complete more homework and demonstrate a more positive attitude toward school. We believe that building meaningful and authentic partnerships with our families and communities is the best way to ensure our students' success in school, careers and life.




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What's happening at SES?

If you have a bullying or sexual harassment complaint, please contact Brad Fields ( or Megan Sturgill (