Parent Teacher Student Organization (P.T.S.O.)

2022-2023 Officers:


President- James Baker


Vice President- Jaclyn Folden


Secretary- Julie Francisco


Treasurer- Ashley Dykes / Jessica Bronz

P.T.S.O. Poem

The parent teacher student organization

That is our name

We volunteer for the children

And not for the fame.


Our goal is real simple

Their lives we enhance

We’re sure you will love it

If you give it a chance


If you want to come join us

There are only two rules

You have to work really hard

And bring your own tools


We plant trees and flowers

Which makes you feel great

But if you want to get paid

You’ve got a long wait


We may paint ceilings or walls

Or a floor we may tile

For the greatest reward of all

To see a young person smile


Written by a dedicated community member and Dad